KREIA slide presentation in MS PowerPoint format is here: KREIA Presentation (45+MB please be patient)
Large PDF file of map showing median assessed values is here: KYMAVmap.pdf
Spreadsheet in MS Excel format containing Median Property Vlaues by neighborhood census tract is here: Median Property Values

In the June 13th, Courier-Journal, I co-authored an opinion piece with Matt Hanka that attempts to explain why older urban neighborhood housing prices are soaring near downtown and what kind of action needs to be taken to make the new urbanism work in hundred year old neighborhoods. The Link is here: June 13th C-J opinion piece

Courier-Journal ran a front page story on our research citing revitalization of older urban neighborhoods, noting that Russell has had the second largest increase in property values out of 170 neighborhoods: Reprint on Planetizen

The next day the Courier-Journal ran an editorial that stated the following: “This new approach of building attractive neighborhoods, in every sense, instead of tearing them down, is creating the diverse economic and cultural mix that is the real antidote to both suburban sprawl and inner-city economic is innovators, pioneers, and policies that are driving it. It was published in the June 6 issue of the Courier Journal on A-10 under the title of : "Life, and Value, in the city.": Now hosted at Jefferson county PVA